Alatone Plastics, Inc.was founded in 1969; emerge as one of the first companies in the Philippine industry of manufacturing plastic products. Its production plant is located at # 7 Industry Rd. 1, Araneta University Village, Potrero, Malabon City. Its humble beginnings started by manufacturing only two items, pails and basins. At present, Alatone Plastics is engage in producing various sizes of commercial items ranging from utility cans, baskets, chairs, dish drainers and real heavy-duty crates for the industrial market. From its very humble beginnings, Alatone Plastics diversified and expanded its product line. Today, dealers and end users know Alatone Plastics for its durability and elegance, a trademark that made them sought after.


Alatone Plastics, Inc. aims to be one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products in the local industry providing clients with quality and durable products. Quality standard is defined with personal touch, committed to ensure that all items in the market comply with our strict system and conform to our defined excellence. Finally, we aspire to be recognized as a proud domestic manufacturer of quality items with a concern for environmental hazards, thus maintaining a clean and safety environment all the time.


Alatone Plastics, Inc. aims to support the development of Philippine plastic industry by providing quality, durable and non-toxic plastic products and at the same time give the best service we could offer to our client as well as development of new products for the satisfaction of the consumers. Productivity, quality and reasonable prices are among the aspects given priority by the company in every endeavor it undertakes. The company treats every project as a joint venture with the client seeking ways and means to utilize the client’s present resources to its optimum level. We also aim to spread information on the countless possibilities where plastic products can be use to bring about improvements in any operation.


Our commitment to our valued customers prevailed through expected quality products plus a fair return to all dealers and business partners when it comes to their investment. To the Stockholders and Employees, hard earned contribution in whatever form is justifiably compensated. The company encourages interaction between management and employees to look into ways to provide for a productive atmosphere, better cooperation and loyalty.